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Keep your car or truck in good shape to prolong its life. Turn to Frank’s Automotive, one of the most trusted auto care centers in Bowling Green, OH. We offer a wide variety of auto services to take care of your car. Whether you need repairs or periodic maintenance for your vehicle, Franks is the best place for your car.


One Stop Shop For Your Repair Needs

Don’t go through the pain of searching for car care centers that can handle only a select number vehicle repairs when you can get all your car care needs taken care of in one place? From the biggest repair to the smallest we can take care of you.

Have Your Car Checked

An unexpected break down on the side of the road can be a hard thing to deal with. You could spend what seems like forever waiting for roadside assistance to rescue you in addition to not making it to where you were going on time. Avoid this harsh reality by keeping your car in tip top shape by someone who knows exactly what they are doing. Call Franks today to set up a convenient appointment